John Lennon – Anthology Box Set (1998) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

John Lennon – Anthology Box Set (1998) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

John Lennon
Box Set (1998)…

During the great John Lennon revival of the late ’80s, Yoko Ono licensed to have the Westwood One Radio Network air scores of unreleased home recordings and demos as the Lost Lennon Tapes radio show. At the time, there was endless speculation about when highlights would be released, likely as a box set. The proposed set never materialized, yet most of the material was heavily bootlegged, as the producers and Ono must have suspected. Despite the bootlegs, Ono didn’t agree to an official collection of unreleased Lennon material until 1998, after the Beatles’ Anthology series proved a critical and commercial success. Hence, the birth of Lennon’s Anthology — a four-disc box set, comprised entirely of unreleased home recordings, demos, and outtakes, many of which have never been previously bootlegged. As it’s constructed, it’s more of an aural biography than a music album. All the dialogue snippets, half-finished songs, throwaways, and parodies ensure that it’s never casual listening, yet that very approach creates an intriguing portrait of Lennon — a portrait of the man, not the artist. As such, there aren’t really any forgotten treasures buried on the collection, even if many of these songs and takes are either completely unheard of or legendary among collecting circles. For every small pleasure, such as the Cheap Trick-backed version of “I’m Losing You,” there is a small disappointment, such as how the Dylan diatribe, “Serve Yourself,” doesn’t quite live up to its legend. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if there are no major works or revelations, just a few good alternate tracks, because Anthology goes a long way toward capturing Lennon with all of his strengths and weaknesses.

Genre…………….: Rock
Source……………: CD
Year……………..: 1998
Quality…………..: Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
Included:…………: Covers, Cue, Log, Audiochecker

CD1 – Ascot

01.Working Class Hero
03.I Found Out
04.Hold On
09.Imagine (Take 1)
11.Baby Please Don’t Go
12.Oh My Love
13.Jealous Guy
14.Maggie Mae
15.How Do You Sleep
16.God Save Oz
17.Do The Oz
18.I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier
19.Give Peace A Chance
20.Look At Me
21.Long Lost John

CD2 – New York City

01.New York City
02.Attica State (Live)
03.Imagine (Live)
04.Bring On The Lucie
05.Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
06.Geraldo Rivera – One To One Concert
07.Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Live)
08.It’s So Hard (Live)
09.Come Together (Live)
10.Happy Xmas
11.Luck Of The Irish (Live)
12.John Sinclair (Live)
13.The David Frost Show
14.Mind Games (I Promise)
15.Mind Games (Make Love, Not War)
16.One Day At A Time
17.I Know
18.I’m The Greatest
19.Goodnight Vienna
20.Jerry Lewis Telethon
21.A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
22.Real Love
23.You Are Here

CD3 – The Lost Weekend

01.What You Got
02.Nobody Loves You When You’re Down And Out
03.Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Home)
04.Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Studio)
05.Yesterday (Parody)
06.Be Bop A Lula
07.Rip It UpReady Teddy
09.Steel And Glass
10.Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox)
11.Bless You
12.Going Down On Love
13.Move Over Ms. L.
14.Ain’t She Sweet
15.Slippin’ And Slidin’
16.Peggy Sue
17.Bring It On Home To MeSend Me Some Lovin’
18.Phil And John 1
19.Phil And John 2
20.Phil And John 3
21.When In Doubt, Fuck It
22.Be My Baby
23.Stranger’s Room
24.Old Dirt Road

CD4 – Dakota

01.I’m Losing You
02.Sean’s Little Help
03.Serve Yourself
04.My Life
05.Nobody Told Me
06.Life Begins At 40
07.I Don’t Wanna Face It
09.Dear Yoko
10.Watching The Wheels
11.I’m Stepping Out
12.Borrowed Time
13.The Rishi Kesh Song
14.Sean’s Loud
15.Beautiful Boy
16.Mr. Hyde’s Gone (Don’t Be Afraid)
17.Only You
18.Grow Old With Me
19.Dear John
20.The Great Wok
21.Mucho Mungo
22.Satire 1
23.Satire 2
24.Satire 3
25.Sean’s In The Sky
26.It’s Real

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Box Covers


2.16 MB


1.58 MB


Inside Back.jpg
2.59 MB


Inside Bottom.jpg
1.03 MB


inside front.jpg
1.69 MB


inside left.jpg
1.28 MB


inside right.jpg
1.12 MB


OutSide Back.jpg
2.05 MB


Outside front.jpg
2.2 MB


outside left.jpg
1.46 MB


▼ And 1 file more


CD1 – Ascot




booklet full.jpg
2.6 MB


1.04 MB


4.64 MB


2.7 MB


01.Working Class Hero.flac
15.27 MB


21.02 MB


03.I Found Out.flac
19.49 MB


04.Hold On.flac
3.91 MB


18.86 MB


11.23 MB


23.05 MB


16.65 MB


09.Imagine (Take 1).flac
18.97 MB


1.02 MB


▼ And 13 files more


CD2 – New York City




booklet full.jpg
3.78 MB


1.56 MB


4.99 MB


2.79 MB


01.New York City.flac
4.84 MB


02.Attica State (Live).flac
29.78 MB


03.Imagine (Live).flac
19.26 MB


04.Bring On The Lucie.flac
26.12 MB


05.Woman Is The Nigger Of The World.flac
3.38 MB


06.Geraldo Rivera – One To One Concert.flac
3.73 MB


07.Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Live).flac
37 MB


08.It's So Hard (Live).flac
22 MB


09.Come Together (Live).flac
29.76 MB


10.Happy Xmas.flac
21.51 MB


▼ And 15 files more


CD3 – The Lost Weekend




booklet full.jpg
3.33 MB


2.17 MB


4.27 MB


3.07 MB


01.What You Got.flac
6.29 MB


02.Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out.flac
33.02 MB


03.Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Home).flac
2.82 MB


04.Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Studio).flac
23.44 MB


05.Yesterday (Parody).flac
2.38 MB


06.Be Bop A Lula.flac
20.01 MB


07.Rip It UpReady Teddy.flac
17.39 MB


30 MB


09.Steel And Glass.flac
29.83 MB


10.Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox).flac
18.67 MB


▼ And 16 files more


CD4 – Dakota




booklet full.jpg
3.33 MB


2.63 MB


5.03 MB


2.92 MB


01.I'm Losing You.flac
27.51 MB


02.Sean's Little Help.flac
5.36 MB


03.Serve Yourself.flac
14.72 MB


04.My Life.flac
12.86 MB


05.Nobody Told Me.flac
24.46 MB


06.Life Begins At 40.flac
10.49 MB


07.I Don't Wanna Face It.flac
26.4 MB


21.4 MB


09.Dear Yoko.flac
17.15 MB


10.Watching The Wheels.flac
17.8 MB


▼ And 18 files more

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