Band of Horses – Cease to Begin (2007)

Band of Horses – Cease to Begin (2007)

Artist……………: Band Of Horses
Album…………….: Cease To Begin
Genre…………….: Indie Rock
Source……………: Cd
Year……………..: 2007
Ripper……………: Exact Audio Copy
Codec…………….: FLAC
Information……….: TntVillage
Covers……………: Front
Total Size………..: 264 Mb


When Band of Horses surfaced in 2006 with Everything All the Time, the band’s rugged take on rock & roll

drew quick parallels to My Morning Jacket and early Neil Young. That’s mighty nice company for a young

band, but co-founder Mat Brooke nevertheless left the lineup that same summer, choosing to blaze his own

trail with Grand Archives instead. Ben Bridwell, Brooke’s musical partner for nearly a decade, was left in

control of Horses — a daunting position for the former Carissa’s Weird bassist, but one that ultimately

resulted in a sophisticated, mature, and altogether superior follow-up. Cease to Begin is the responsible

adult to Time’s reckless teenager, with Bridwell pitting his high, clear tenor against backdrops of hazy

indie rock and campfire singalongs. While tracks like “Weed Party” showed the band having harmless (albeit

adolescent) fun on their debut, the good times on Cease to Begin are more grown-up: a lo-fi, foot-stomping

pop ditty (“The General Specific”), a brief interlude of instrumental watercolors (“Lamb on the Lam [In the

City]”), a detour into twangy country (“Marry Song”). Those looking for more anthemic rock will gravitate

toward kickoff track “Is There a Ghost,” where the guitars are loud and Bridwell’s vocals are candy-coated

in reverb, but Cease to Begin shines it brightest under the twilight glow of “Detlef Schrempf.”

Historically, Schrempf was a German-born NBA basketball player with killer three-point accuracy — and

while that’s certainly an odd choice for a song title, it’s easy to forget as drums beat a lazy rhythm

beneath Bridwell’s falsetto. Who knows whether he’s singing to a hometown, a loved one, or his favorite

member of the Seattle SuperSonics? It’s still a thrilling listen, and the subtle humor hints that Band of

Horses isn’t growing up too quickly.


01. Is There a Ghost
02. Ode to LRC
03. No One’s Gonna Love You
04. Detlef Schrempf
05. The General Specific
06. Lamb on the Lam (In the City)
07. Islands on the Coast
08. Marry Song
09. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
10. Window Blues


09. Band of Horses – Cigarettes, Wedding Bands.flac
31.69 MB


02. Band of Horses – Ode to LRC.flac
29.47 MB


04. Band of Horses – Detlef Schrempf.flac
27.94 MB


07. Band of Horses – Islands on the Coast.flac
25.56 MB


03. Band of Horses – No One's Gonna Love You.flac
24.99 MB


10. Band of Horses – Window Blues.flac
24.24 MB


05. Band of Horses – The General Specific.flac
21.06 MB


08. Band of Horses – Marry Song.flac
20.65 MB


01. Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost.flac
20.45 MB


06. Band of Horses – Lamb on the Lam (In the City).flac
3.98 MB


1.75 MB


Band of Horses – Cease to Begin.log
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Band of Horses – Cease to Begin.cue
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 020.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 019.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 015.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 009.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 017.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 003.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 011.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 013.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 002.jpg
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Band of Horses – 2007 Cease to Begin 005.jpg
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