The Matrix Soundtrack First, Second & Third (VBRkbps)

The Matrix Soundtrack First, Second & Third (VBRkbps)

THE MATRIX SOUNDTRACK [FIRST, SECOND & THIRD]Artist……………….: VariousTitle………………..: The Matrix Soundtrack [First, Second & Third]Genre………………..: Movie SoundtrackYear…………………: (2000 – 2003)Channels……………..: 2 (Stereo) (Dual Channels)Sample Rate…………..: 44,1 KHzSample Size…………..: 16 BitEncoder………………: LAME 3.98Encoder Settings………: Varible Bit Rate -V 2 (Standard)Covers……………….: FrontTags…………………: Proper In The FilesTHE MATRIX – MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE is a compilation soundtrack released by Maverick Records which features most of main source cues from the film. Unfortunately the soundtrack is launched by one of the more unlistenable tracks, “Rock is Dead” by Marylin Manson. Joining this track in the not-so-hot-list would be “Bad Blood” (3) by Ministry, “Look to Your Orb for the Warning” by Monster Magnet, “My Own Personal Summer (Shove It)” by the Deftones and “Du Hast” (12) by Rammstein which tend towards the rock-roots as Manson…albeit Rammestein’s track is infused with a techno-dance rhythm. While helping to keep the sound of The Matrix edgy, these tracks are rugged, but not so “cool.” Oddly enough none of these songs are used in any significant scenes of the film, if at all. Following the Rage Against the Machine’s unmistakable sound in “Wake Up” (13), “Rock is Dead” does manage to make its way to play over the end credits.THE MATRIX RELOADED hardly rests on the laurels of its predecessor and that goes for the music as well. Visually, the movie sets new standards of computer graphic effects, and this time, musically, the Wachowski’s wanted to synthesize the orchestral work of Don Davis with the “kinetic-coolness” that can be found in the genre of electronica. After listening to, a disappointing solo attempt by Don Davis at just such a synthesis, namely the original score for BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER, I believe the Brothers Wachowski, Jason Bentley et al, made a wise choice in selecting both Rob Dougan and Juno Reactor to provide the synthesized-side of this fusion.After a short six-month wait, the trilogy culminates with The Matrix Revolutions, where composer Don Davis is given the lion’s share of the musical load. By the time we reach the third film, the Wachowski’s have brought us to a place where the amount of screen time spent in the virtual reality of the Matrix is at a minimum. Thus the opportunities for hip, electronica source music, used to musically define the Matrix and the superhero-like abilities it affords the central characters, have disappeared. In their place we hear the collaborative efforts of Don Davis and Juno Reactor again, but moreover we have composer Don Davis’ powerful solo compositions. That said, due credit must be given to both Erik Lundborg and Conrad Pope for their stellar work spanning not only Revolutions, but Reloaded, Enter the Matrix and The Animatrix. In the end, the overall tone of The Matrix Revolutions is much more serious than its predecessors. Revolutions gives Don Davis plenty of opportunity to let the orchestra rip and, for the first time, the respective soundtrack release is dominated by his music.The Matrix Revolutions can be principally broken down into two parts: the aforementioned “technorchestral” score, and Don Davis’ most lyrical, orchestral music of the trilogy. After the traditional, orchestral Main Title sequence by Davis, we have two collaborative tracks with Juno Reactor: “The Trainman Cometh” (2) and “Tetsujin” (3). In “The Trainman Cometh” we hear Davis subtly re-introducing the Neo/Trinity Love Theme before returning to the combative orchestra versus electronic collaboration with Juno Reactor. Juno Reactor’s primary contribution to both tracks is along the avenue of synthesized rhythms, bass drops, and percussive instruments.Albums:2000 – The Matrix2003 – The Matrix Reloaded2003 – The Matrix RevolutionsTracks:The Matrix01 Marilyn Manson – Rock Is Dead02 Propellerheads – Spybreak03 Ministry – Bad Blood04 Rob D – Clubbed To Death [Kurayamino Mix]05 Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup06 Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind07 Prodigy – Mindfields08 Rob Zombie – Dragula [Hot Rod Herman Remix]09 Deftones – My Own Summer [Shove It]10 Hive – Ultrasonic Sound11 Monster Magnet – Look To Your Orb For The Warning12 Rammstein – Du Hast13 Rage Against The Machine – Wake UpThe Matrix Reloaded01 Linkin Park – Session02 Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit03 Rob Zombie – Reload04 Rob Dougan – Furious Angels05 Deftones – Lucky You06 Team Sleep – The Passportal07 P.O.D – Sleeping Awake08 Ünloco – Bruises09 Rage Against The Machine – Calm Like A Bomb10 Paul Oakenfold – Dread Rock11 Fluke – Zion12 Dave Matthews Band – When The World Ends13 Don Davis – Main Title14 Don Davis – Trinity Dream15 Juno Reactor – Wgocoo Teahouse16 Rob Dougan – Chateau17 Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis – Mona Lisa Overdrive18 Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis – Burly Brawl19 Don Davis – Matrix Reloaded SuiteThe Matrix Revolutions01 Don Davis – The Matrix Revolutions Main Title02 Juno Reactor & Don Davis – The Trainman Cometh03 Juno Reactor & Don Davis – Tetsujin04 Pale 3 – In My Head05 Don Davis – The Road To Sourceville06 Don Davis – Men In Metal07 Don Davis – Niobe’s Run08 Don Davis – Woman Can Drive09 Don Davis – Moribund Mifune10 Don Davis – Kidfriend11 Don Davis – Saw Bitch Workhorse12 Don Davis – Trinity Definitely13 Don Davis – Neo14 Don Davis – Why, Mr. Anderson15 Don Davis – Spirit Of The Universe16 Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis – Navras
47 bytes


The Matrix Reloaded [2003]


101 Linkin Park – Session.mp3
3.39 MB


102 Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit.mp3
6.34 MB


103 Rob Zombie – Reload.mp3
6.16 MB


104 Rob Dougan – Furious Angels.mp3
8.03 MB


105 Deftones – Lucky You.mp3
6.07 MB


106 Team Sleep – The Passportal.mp3
4.33 MB


107 P.O.D – Sleeping Awake.mp3
4.64 MB


108 Ünloco – Bruises.mp3
3.7 MB


109 Rage Against The Machine – Calm Like A Bomb.mp3
7.14 MB


110 Paul Oakenfold – Dread Rock.mp3
6.85 MB


▼ And 9 files more


The Matrix Revolutions [2003]


01 Don Davis – The Matrix Revolutions Main Title.mp3
1.92 MB


02 Juno Reactor & Don Davis – The Trainman Cometh.mp3
3.81 MB


03 Juno Reactor & Don Davis – Tetsujin.mp3
4.93 MB


04 Pale 3 – In My Head.mp3
5.88 MB


05 Don Davis – The Road To Sourceville.mp3
1.93 MB


06 Don Davis – Men In Metal.mp3
3.2 MB


07 Don Davis – Niobe's Run.mp3
3.89 MB


08 Don Davis – Woman Can Drive.mp3
3.69 MB


09 Don Davis – Moribund Mifune.mp3
5.19 MB


10 Don Davis – Kidfriend.mp3
6.56 MB


▼ And 6 files more


The Matrix [2000]


01 Marilyn Manson – Rock Is Dead.mp3
4.53 MB


02 Propellerheads – Spybreak.mp3
5.84 MB


03 Ministry – Bad Blood.mp3
6.9 MB


04 Rob D – Clubbed To Death [Kurayamino Mix].mp3
10.51 MB


05 Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup.mp3
9.19 MB


06 Lunatic Calm – Leave You Far Behind.mp3
4.5 MB


07 Prodigy – Mindfields.mp3
8.11 MB


08 Rob Zombie – Dragula [Hot Rod Herman Remix].mp3
6.37 MB


09 Deftones – My Own Summer [Shove It].mp3
5.22 MB


10 Hive – Ultrasonic Sound.mp3
7 MB


▼ And 3 files more

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